February 14, 2022

The Covid Pandemic disrupted many businesses, the entertainment business being one.  Broadway was closed.  Movie theaters were closed, restaurants were closed.  Any form of entertainment, such as sports, music, and comedy clubs all closed.  What is an entertainer or someone who relies on the show for his or her income do?  Many went to Zoom.  What a great little invention for the entertainer.  Zoom, or the many versions of this type of video conferencing has been around for many, many years.  Zoom became the name to identify with, like if you want a tissue you grab a "Kleenex" or years ago if you wanted to make a copy of a document, you "Xerox" it.  Kleenex, Xerox and yes Zoom are just brand names and it has taken off like a firestorm.  I did a few Zoom meetings with friends and Facetime with my little 8 year old niece, but it was never like being there.  I like to reach out my hand and shake someone else's hand.  I like to hug my niece, my sister and some friends, not all, just some.  Zoom has replaced all the feeling, and touching and hugging.  These shows on Zoom, or Facetime, YouTube, Chit Chat, Tik Tok are all being produced from the basement, or bedroom of any entertainer who understands how to use it.  Below is a list of things that I don't ever want to see on Zoom. 

1) Any Magic Show that requires the assistance from the audience.  Yes, I know there are some great magicians who have produced some great magic by using Zoom, but let's be real here.  Most of the people who are watching it are doing so via their computer, tablet or worst of all, their phone.  The 2 inch screen on the phone takes so much away from the trick or presentation. 

2) Dentist - Now some of you will say, "Wouldn't it be great to just do a Zoom appointment with the dentist?" NO, the dentist needs to check your teeth, your gums, grab your tongue look around your mouth.  Getting your teeth cleaned via Zoom would be a little tough, more of a DIY project that you do, or should do every  morning anyway without paying the cost of a visit. 

3) Proctologist - There is no way I can get the camera in the right position to do this.

4) Hiking - I guess there may be some people who can figure out a way to do this by proxy, but when I hike I like to feel the wind, smell the forest, touch the water in the steam. 

5)Hiring an employee - It's just wrong if you can't meet someone face to face that will impact the future of your company.   

6) Firing an employee - It's just wrong if you don't have the guts (Balls) to be in front of that person and explain to them how they have impacted your company.

7) Eating a meal with a friend, or a date - Yes, I know it has been done, but really.  Really?  I was going to say Sex, but apparently this is a thing, so without judgement here I let that one go.  

I'm sure there is more, and I will update this list as I think of them.  Email me and let me know if you have any others that you may think belongs on this list of "Things you can't do on Zoom"